About the Nimbin School of Arts

The Nimbin School of Arts was the first building in Nimbin, opened on 16 Sept 1904, and the village of shops, churches, hospital, businesses and houses soon developed around it.

The School of Arts quickly became the community and cultural centre for the valley and beyond, and over the years it served as a library, school, cinema and church; during the flu epidemic after WW1 it became a hospital, the local Light Horse trained and held parades in the NSA grounds, for some years it had a boxing ring; countless dances and balls were held there, wedding receptions, parties, town meetings, community forums and Council meetings are still regular events; during floods and fires the hall has also provided shelter.

The auditorium of the Nimbin School of Arts provides one of the largest town halls in the region which can cater to hundreds of patrons. There are extensive backstage studios, a grand piano, rehearsal piano, stage risers, mirrors, additional stage and auditorium curtains, together with stored seating and tables. The hall also has a fully equipped kitchen and a large verandah/deck.

The School of Arts incorporates the Nimbin Artists Gallery and Perceptio Books which also administers NSA hall and studio hire applications, keys, bookings, events reservations and ticketing.